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Do you struggle with an editorial workflow and review process that involves handwritten comments, manually applied changes, and double or triple-checking to make sure changes are made properly?

QuarkCopyDesk® can help writers and reviewers fit copy precisely to the final QuarkXPress layout, eliminating extra keystrokes and risk of errors — resulting in a more efficient production environment.

Is Your Workflow Broken?

Your publishing process involves different types of contributors, such as writers, editors, reviewers, designers, and production managers. While some contributors use word processing tools, your designers and production managers use QuarkXPress. If your workflow consists of sending files back and forth through e-mail and manually updating word processor files in your layouts, then you're slowing down your publishing process.

Streamline Your Workflow with QuarkCopyDesk

Did You Know?

You can use QuarkCopyDesk with Quark Publishing Platform or as a stand-alone application.

You can streamline your publishing process by introducing QuarkCopyDesk to your production environment. QuarkCopyDesk is a desktop application that integrates with Quark Publishing Platform. QuarkCopyDesk lets writers, editors, reviewers, and other non-designers create, edit, and review their content from the page designer's perspective, which allows everyone to see the final layout.

Using QuarkCopyDesk, writers can compose copy to fit the layout precisely, which eliminates numerous cycles of copy and design adjustments. QuarkCopyDesk users can view and edit content that resides in the QuarkXPress layout. Notes and tracked changes travel with each QuarkCopyDesk article and are visible to everyone, which improves communication among team members. QuarkCopyDesk users also can edit images.

QuarkCopyDesk users check in and check out files from Quark Publishing Platform or their content management system, which provides a central repository for all content while managing your creative process, file routing, and version control. By integrating writers, editors, and other non-designers into the layout and production workflow in a single system, you can speed up the entire publishing process, reduce errors, and meet deadlines.

Stand-alone Version

QuarkCopyDesk is an integral part of Quark Publishing Platform as the Quark Publishing Platform Client. However, it can also be purchased separately as a stand-alone text editor for writers, editors, and reviewers in smaller production environments that use QuarkXPress for page design.

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What Customers Are Saying:

"With this solution we can use the versatile, creative features of QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk within the Quark Publishing Platform workflow, which has meant a major step forward for us from a technical perspective."

— Heiner Ulrich, Deputy IT Director, SPIEGEL Group